Books and Reports

Books And Reports

Performance and Citizen Satisfaction Survey Report of Judicial Committees of Rukum (West) District

A Basic Information Manual on the Functions, Duties, Powers and Importance of Conciliation of Local Judicial Committees

Information Booklet on Conversation of Yarsagumba from Impact of Climate Change

Draft EDP Plan of Rapti sonari rural Municipality,Banke

 Introduction of Yarshagumba

Final EDP Report Shiva Raj Municipality 

EDP Plan Mallarani Village Municipality final

Final EDP Plan Jaimini Municipality

Final EDP Plan Kalimati Rural Municipality

Final EDP Plan Sanivery Rural Municipality

Final EDP Report , Puythan Municipality

Final EDP Report Ghorahi Sub-Metropolatian city

Final EDP Report Tulsipur Sub-metropolatan city

Final draft EDP Plan Amargadhi Municipality revised

Final EDP report Choutara Sangachowk Gadi Municipality

Final EDP Report Sarumararani Pyuthan

Final EDP Plan Kailari Gaun Palika