Completed Projects

Assignment 1:

Assignment Name:Increased Access to Justice Through Strengthening Delivery Capacity of Members of Judicial Committees and Stakeholder at local level in Rukum(West) District
Name of Client:Open Society Foundation-USA
Duration of assignment:November 2018 to December 2022
Description of assignment:Increased Access to Justice

It aims to generate and disseminate evidence-based knowledge and awareness raising on justice and social security among member of local, district and provincial level justice stakeholder and to strengthen their understanding on rights of the women, children, disables and disadvantage communities.

A baseline assessment on constraints to access justice and their remedies was done in Karnali Province to raise awareness on social justice. Through this project, IEC materials on remedies of constraints to access to justice of the poor, vulnerable and marginal communities and rule of law are prepared and distributed at local level. This project also facilitates on providing orientation and training to the government elected and non-elected representatives, legal aid committee on legal aid provision and justice procedure.

Assignment 2:

Assignment Name:Preparation of Master Plan (Detail Feasibility Assessment) of School Quality Improvement Project
Name of Client:Rainas Municipality, Dordi Rural Municipality, Gadhimai Municipality, Chandrapur Municipality, Darma Rural Municipality, Tribeni Rural Municipality, Gangadev Rural Municipality, Shantinagar Rural Municipality, Sanibheri Rural Municipality
Duration of assignment19-5-2020 to 20-03-2021
Narrative description of Project:This is a comprehensive study of the education sector of 9 Rural/Municipalities to explore the overall education status including physical, digital infrastructure, quality of education, teacher's quality and find out the reasons behind the problem and provide recommendation for improvement to meet the global standard of the education of the Rural/ Municipality.
•·     To identify detail school infrastructure, existing scenario of the IT based teaching and learning infrastructure of the entire schools (public and private) of the Rural/Municipality.
•·     To explore quality of education status, existing teaching and learning method, quality of the school education and suggest the the ideas to improve the school education sector through adopting new technologies.
•·     To explore current need of the entire schools and education system of the Rural Municipality through the study and survey.
•·     To assess and identify the current requirement for improved education system of the entire Rural/Municipality through quality strengthening programme.
•·     Suggest and recommend the requirement of the Rural Municipality for education quality enhancement.

Assignment 3:

Assignment Name:Detail Feasibility Study for the Agriculture Sector Modernization Project
Name of Client:Putha Uttarganga Rural Municipality, Sisne Rural Municipality, Dordi Rural Municipality, Rainas Municipality and Chandrapur Municipality
Duration of assignment25-06-2020 to 29-12-2020
Narrative description of Project:·      Document the existing agricultural system including cereal crops, vegetables, fruits and livestock and poultry production status in all Wards of Municipality;
·      Identify and prioritize the potential crops and livestock commodities for intensification with improved production, processing and marketing technologies;
·      Assess the existing basic infrastructure in the Municipality for implementing suitable interventions for increasing the production and productivity of major cereal crops, vegetables, fruits, dairy, goat/sheep/chyangra and poultry in selected pocket areas in each Ward of the Municipality;
·      Assess the needs for improvement and or construction of new infrastructure for production, collection and marketing of agriculture and livestock producers in the Municipality;
·      Recommend feasible agriculture and livestock intervention packages increasing production and productivity of overall agriculture sector through adoption of improved “Package of Practices” of major cereals, seasonal vegetables, spices crops, fruits, dairy, goat/sheep and poultry and pig in select pocket areas in each Ward; and
·      Prepare and submit comprehensive “Feasibility Study Report on Modernization of Agriculture Sector” to Rural/Municipalities.

Assignment 4:

Assignment Name:Green Enterprise Development through Promoting Cardamom for Sustainable Livelihoods of the People Living in the Uplands of Lamjung District (Global Environmental Facility
Name of Client:UNDP-GEF/UNOPS
Duration of assignment:June 2018 to December 2020
Description of the assignment:Green Enterprise Development

It aims to build technical capacity of the farmers for cardamom cultivation for livelihood generation in uplands of Lamjung District to improve the livelihoods of upland small holders through promoting cardamom enterprises.

Social mobilization was done to identify interested farmers, farmer groups formation and capacity building on cardamom-based enterprise establishment. Then technical training was provided to farmers on cardamom cultivation, harvesting, processing and marketing. Series of events like cardamom cultivation and harvesting equipment and material support for farmers was conducted with the establishment of cardamom nursery and management support. Technical and material support for vermi-compost production and marketing for promoting organic farming was also done for the formation and strengthening capacity of the cooperatives for sustainable financial resourcing to farmers. Furthermore, there was also establishment of knowledge and resource centers to disseminate lesson from the project for broader replication in long run.

Assignment 5:

Assignment Name:Social Mobilization Services, Package-3 (Salyan District of Adaptation for Smallholders in Hilly Area (ASHA))
Name of Client:Adaptation for Smallholders in Hilly Area (ASHA) Project Coordination Unit (PCU)
Duration of assignmentJuly 10, 2017 to July 2019
Narrative description of Project:Adaptation for Smallholder in Hilly Areas (ASHA) is designed and implemented by Government of Nepal, Ministry of Forests and Soil Conservation (MoFSC) with financial assistance from International Fund for Agriculture Development (IFAD) with objectives of improving the livelihood and resilience of smallholders in hilly areas of Nepal by developing capacity to tackle the consequences of climate change. ASHA Project has procured services for consulting Services for social mobilization in Salyan district.

The main objective of this assignment is to ensure inclusive participation in project intervention; preparing enhanced LAPAs including participatory scenario development (PSD) and sub-watershed-based approach, and implementation and monitoring of local climate adaptation priorities. The SP is going to facilitate to generate financial leverages from governmental and non-governmental agencies in implementation of LAPA activities. Based on the project log frame and project implementation manual, it has been also expected that the programme will contribute to develop and implement enhanced LAPAs, capacitate and empower target groups and institutionalize the impacts and achievements made by the project.

The general outcomes of the project are: Established a rapport and raised awareness, conducting group meeting and home visit, empower, motivate, encourage climate vulnerable, play key role in addressing GESI issues, conducting awareness raising campaigns on CCA and GESI, insuring participation, group formation and/or strengthening, mobilize target groups, participation in planning, implementation and monitoring of adaptation actions, operate Community Knowledge Centers (CKCs), facilitate various consultative meetings/group discussions, assist and facilitate to target groups in need assessment, business plans preparation, field verification, regular monitoring and feedback, enhance capacity through coaching, mentoring, orientation and training, make a functional coordination, support to manage financial transaction records/accounts and other administrative tasks, prepared monthly work-plan and achievement report.

Assignment 6:

Assignment Name:Education Development and Community Literacy Improvement Programme
Name of Client:Mahalaxmi Municipality, Dhankutta
Duration of assignmentJune 2020 to September 2020
Narrative description of Project:Education Development and Community Literacy Improvement Programme

The scope of the project is to equip the community schools by providing ICT and digital facilities and enhance capacity of education actors (teachers, SMC/PTA members, ECD facilitators and Municipality leaders) through training, workshop, coaching and other inputs, to develop specific educational development and support programme for low literacy level of community, to develop quality education, ICT education or digitized education of selected schools, to enhance the quality education of CFLG of community schools and to expand internet access to schools and education institutions.

Major outcomes of the project includes: Education promotion through educational development and support programme sharing workshop, Municipality level workshop on educational development and ICT support or digitized schools, Workshop on ICT Education, information Corner, digitized schools, Audio system management and internet connectivity for schools, Teachers and principal skill and leadership skill training, Training on School Management Committee and PTA members, Child development center establishment, child friendly classrooms development, mobilization and operation, Child development programme and protection fund establishment and mobilization, Computer audio/video/smart board system management, CC camera and internet connectivity establishment and operation, ICT education or digitized classrooms establishment and operation and Montessori training programme.

Assignment 7:

Assignment Name:Innovative Project for Conservation of Non-Timber Forest Product Ophiocordycepssinensis (Yarsagumba) to promote the livelihoods of Indigenous Community in Upper Rukum
Name of Client: Multi Stakeholder Forestry Project (MSFP)
Duration of assignment (months): 2070/11/01 to 2072/7/30
Narrative description of Project:

Multi-Stakeholder Forestry Programme (MSFP) builds on the achievements of over 20 years of forestry work of the Government of Nepal (GoN) supported by the governments of UK, Switzerland and Finland. The programme is started in January 2012 and planned for a 10-year period. MSFP is a ten-year programme started from January 2012 and will be implemented in two phases: an initial phase and a full implementation phase. The management of the initial phase will be done by Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) together with the Government of Nepal.

Major outcomes of the project includes: Establishment of functional community-based knowledge management centre (CBKMC) as information desk making involvement of 100 local stakeholders; Field study with observation, focus group discussion and key informant interview in three VDCS; Media mobilization; Conduction of feasibility study for the establishment of micro-finance mechanism; Organizing one three-day long training programme targeting total 45 (15 from each VDC) probable members of microfinance about the operation and management of the micro-finance mechanisms; Organizing one seminar in the central level; involving representatives from 40 major stakeholders; Organizing one seminar in the district headquarter involving 50 district level stakeholders; Organizing one training program in each VDCs of project area participating 40 local participants concerning right technique of harvesting and pastureland management modalities; Shooting a documentary and broadcasting it in two national level television channels (Video shooting team comprised producer, cameraman and script writer. This team has been traveled to pastureland. From Kathmandu it took six days to reach to the pastureland. This team has been traveled one time to pastureland and one time to project area. This team has been mobilized all together for 45 days; Preparation a manuscript for one Innovation Knowledge Based Document ready for publication; Publication of pamphlets, broachers and flex-boards and Establishment of internal and public monitoring system and Public auditing

Assignment 8:

Assignment Name:Enhancing Access to Justice through Institutional Reform (A2J) Project
Name of Client:UNDP-Access to Justice (A2J)
Duration of assignmentJanuary 2019 to March 2020
Narrative description of Project:A2J Project

The scope of the project is to raise awareness on socio-legal aid referral practices and mobilization of local level stakeholders and student volunteers on legal aid referral practices. •

Major outcomes of the project includes: Strengthened capacity of the justice volunteer, local government representatives, CSOs on social protection and social-legal aid referral mechanism of the local level; Enhanced capacity of the district level stakeholders and journalist to strengthen their capacity on social protection and socio-legal aid referral mechanism; Empowered student, district level relevant government representatives, chairman and member of judicial committees, journalist and civil society organisation, Mayor and Deputy Mayor, President and Vice President of Rural Municipalities, Provincial Minister, Federal Parliament Member, Journalist, Advocates and other relevant persons about the knowledge on social protection, legal aid referral mechanism, legal procedure and justice system; Published brochure, informative booklets on gender justice, equality, social protection and socio-legal aid referral mechanisms to the victims.

Assignment 9:

Assignment Name:Final Evaluation of “Integrated Renewable Energy Promotion in Low Penetration Districts of Nepal” Project
Name of Client:Winrock International
Duration of assignment16 to 31 January 2018
Narrative description of Project:Integrated Renewable Energy

The scope of the project was to conduct final evaluation of the integrated renewable energy promotion in low penetration district of Nepal project implemented in 9 district of Nepal in the eastern region. Measure output and impact of the project through beneficiary survey, interaction and using other survey tool and provided recommendation for the future project intervention. •

Major outcomes of the project includes: Designing and developing final evaluation tools and techniques, methodology, field mobilization of enumerators, data collection, compilation, data entry and analysis; Prepared evaluation report and presentation of the findings and recommendation with best project leanings and Final evaluation of integrated renewable energy promotion in low penetration district of Nepal project implemented in 9 district of Nepal eastern region Nepal

Assignment 10:

Assignment Name:Implementation of Social Mobilization at village/Municipal Ward in Rukum District under LGCDP Program
Name of Client:District Development Committee, Rukum
Duration of assignmentJanuary 2015 to February 2018
Narrative description of Project:LGCDP program

The scope of the project was to implement social mobilization activities in village and municipality of Rukum district to promote good governance of the local authorities through mapping, and empowerment of the most marginalized families. •

Major outcomes includes: Data collection of the VDCs related to various ethnic groups, resources and vulnerability; Situation analysis of 10 VDCs and 1 municipality in terms of the participation of marginalized groups such as women, dalits, and poor groups; Capacity building of WCFs and CACs including support to conduct regular meetings; Poverty mapping and wellbeing ranking, social resource mapping and power analysis, social mobilization trainings; Capacity building to marginalized groups in participatory and inclusive planning and implementation process; Facilitate CBOs, user groups and government agency to organize public hearing and public audits and Sensitization of marginalized groups and rights holders on government policy and guidelines regarding services, roles, responsibilities of the duty bearers and rights holders.

Assignment 11:

Assignment Name:Preparation of enterprise development plan (EDP) in different VDCs/RM/ Municipalities/Karnali Province of Nepal
Name of Client:Rural/Municipalities
Duration of assignmentNovember 2014 to July 2018
Narrative description of Project:EDP

The scope of the project is to prepare five year's enterprise development strategic plans based on the local resource, market availability and financial resources of the concerned VDCs/RM/Municipalities/Karnali province.

Major outcomes of the project includes: Survey and identification of locally available resource, markets and skills for enterprise development through resource and market analysis; Conduct focus group discussions, key informant interviews and stakeholders' consultations to triangulate the information on resource and market feasibility to promote on-farm and off-farm enterprises; Draft participatory enterprise development plan by organizing planning workshops; Consultation with the province level parliament members, concerned ministers and other stakeholders to collect required information for the formulation of province level enterprise development strategies.

Assignment 12:

Assignment Name:Early Recovery and Integrated Education Support Program for the Earthquake Victims in Dolakha District
Name of Client:Miral Welfare Foundation-South Korea
Duration of assignmentAugust 2016 to September 2017
Narrative description of Project:Miral Welfare Foundation

The scope of the project was to ensure right of earthquake affected children on quality education, drinking water and psycho-social support organisation has supported to construct destroyed school infrastructure (building) at Budha Bhimsen Secondary School, Dolakha. Similarly, organisation has provided education and livelihood support to the community and school children. •

Major outcomes of the project includes: On site survey for need assessment pre-project intervention in the project location; Reconstruction support of three-storeyed 8 classroom schools destructed from earthquake with water supply facilities; Support study materials and school supplies for four hundred students in Budha Bhimsen Secondary School (uniforms, shoes, textbooks, desks, chairs and other necessary stationeries) up to two years regularly; Access of children to clean water and sanitation facilities; Formation and capacity development of local disaster management committee for disaster preparedness planning; Social mobilization of target groups including formation of reconstruction committee to create environment for school re-construction; and Awareness campaigns and social mobilization also enhanced DRR awareness of local communities.
Assignment 13:

Assignment Name:Sustainable production of commercially viable projects from municipal wastes through public-private partnerships in Green SMEs, Green City, Green Agro Products and Green Employment Generation
Name of Client:WINROCK INTERNATIONAL. Contact Name, Email and contact telephone of responsible person of the donor/funding agency of the project: Mr. Binod Prasad Shrestha, Winrock International, Nepal Devkota Marg. Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal p.O. Box: 1312,
Duration of assignment 4/09/2015 to 4/08/2016
Narrative description of Project:Sustainable production of commercially viable projects

The objective of project was to conduct a fortnightly radio program on Public Private Partnership for 4Gs Project from FM radio based in Ilam. It also aims for regular news coverage of ongoing project activities through FM radio, assisting PPP for 4Gs project in media planning and visibility strategies and also Development and Broadcasting of news/notices related to project activities.

Major outcomes of the project includes: Held preparatory discussion with the Client and review of the project and relevant material; Study and compilation of information on project background, objectives, key activities, expected outcomes and long-term impact, existing solid waste management practice, vegetable farms, tea estates etc.; Interaction/interview and coordination with staff of Winrock, Planet Finance, NCDC, Ilam Municipalities, EU and other relevant stakeholders; Prepared a promotional audio clips for mass awareness and sensitization; Conduction of field visits for the above-mentioned activities if required; Developing scripts, project reports and storylines for better understanding on the contact, targets audience and the massage; Development of materials for news coverage; Broadcast a schedule 15 minutes radio program on FM radio based in Ilam fortnightly for at least six months; Incorporated comments and feedback from the concerned team upgrade future programs and message
Assignment 14:

Assignment Name:Survey of Voucher Applicants and Beneficiaries Including Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Beneficiaries
Name of Client:Ministry of Education, Enhanced Vocational Education and Training Project (EVENT), Buddhanagar, Kathmandu
Duration of assignmentJuly 2015 to December 2015
Narrative description of Project:Survey of Voucher Applicants

This project intends to carry-out two different surveys. The first survey on VBST is to provide necessary data and information for the impact study being implemented on VBST in Kathmandu Valley. The Survey of Voucher Beneficiaries as a treatment group and the applicants who attended interview but not received vouchers treated as a control group. The second Survey is seeking to assess the status of Recognition of Prior Learning graduate.

Major outcomes of the project includes: Conduct Literature Review; Suggestions for questionnaire Development; Preparation of inception report and its presentation among major stakeholders in the central Level; Organized inception meeting; Organized meetings for the preparation of the inception report; Organized orientation workshops and meetings; Meetings concerning mid-term report and final report; Data collection through field work; Development of Data Base System (Online software); Verification and data entry and; Monitoring and Supervision.
Assignment 15:

Assignment Name: Radio Program for Inclusiveness
Name of Client: National Foundation for Development of Indigenous Nationalities (NFDIN)
Jawalakhel, Lalitpur
Duration of assignmentDecember 2013 to April 2014
Narrative description of Project: National Foundation for Development of Indigenous Nationalities (NFDIN), affiliated to the Ministry of Local Development, Government of Nepal, was established, under the Chairmanship of the incumbent Prime Minister, in 2002 through an Act. The programme for awareness raising and maintaining inclusiveness of all socio-political sectors of Nepalese society is introduced in Rukum by the NFDIN where Concern Centre For Rural Youth Rukum is implementing agency of the program.

Major project outcomes includes: Produced and broadcasted awareness messages as jingles, talk program, interactions, live public hearing and workshops through local FM radio station of Rukum district. The messages are focused on inclusiveness, gender equality, meaningful participation, accountability, right based development approach and transparency in all socio-political and economic sectors.

Assignment 16:

Assignment Name: Youth Self-Employment Programme
Name of Client: Youth Self-Employment Programme/ District Development Committee (DDC) Rukum
Duration of assignment: August 2011 to July 2014
Narrative description of Project: The programme is a package of awareness raising activities, support to local bodies and logistics arrangement support to unemployed youth with skill development and vocational trainings.

Major outcomes of the project includes: Trainings of Seasonal and Off seasonal vegetable farming, poultry farming and cooperative education to 37 unemployed youths of Rukum (37 youths); Training on improved cow farming to youths of 3 VDCs in Rukum with technical support of Skill Development Centre/ CTEVT, Dang; Youth mobilization and partnership programme against smoking with support of DDC, Rukum