Profile and planning

Thematic Area of Intervention

Considering current problem of the country CCFRY focused on the most deprived and vulnerable population to provide access to shelters, food, drinking water and hygiene facilities and support to the education to uplift socio-economic conditions by reducing the risk of deterioration of livelihood status of the people. One of the core areas of priorities is enlisted below;

Profile and planning

Plan set out the strategic priorities for development of an area and cover housing, commercial, public and private development, including transport infrastructure, along with protection for the local environment. It comprises a series of documents that should set out clear guidance on what development will and won’t be permitted in the specific area. Similarly ,the profiles are the key instruments for the diverse use of municipalities and other stakeholders, development organizations and educators.

In the present context, there are altogether 753 local government formed  after the restructuring of Nepal.  To support government priorities, CCFRY provides an expertise service for the preparation of District, Municipal and Rural Municipal profile and periodic development plans. CCFRY basically supports in preparation of periodic development plans and profiles of Municipalities, Rural municipalities and strategic planning for the GON and Non-governmental organizations in integrated development, enterprise development and livelihood improvement.
Key expertise are as follows;
1. Preparation (digital and manual) of district, municipal and rural municipal profile
2. Preparation of periodic district, municipal and rural municipal development plan
3. Preparation of district, municipal and rural municipal infrastructure & transport plan
4.Preparation of district, municipal and rural municipal enterprise development plan

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