Social Mobilization


Thematic Area of Intervention

Considering current problem of the country CCFRY focused on the most deprived and vulnerable population to provide access to shelters, food, drinking water and hygiene facilities and support to the education to uplift socio-economic conditions by reducing the risk of deterioration of livelihood status of the people. One of the core areas of priorities is enlisted below;

Social Mobilization

Social mobilization is a process to engage a wide range of traditional, community, civil society and leaders around a common cause or issue. Expanding beyond community engagement as a focus, social mobilization reaches out to non-governmental organisations, professional groups/networks, youth groups, women’s groups, community-based organisations, professional networks and the private sector to catalyse these different groups to take action and/or support change a common cause.

Social mobilisation is a act of encouraging and engaging the community to participate community affairs. This process must involve the whole community, not just the specific actors who are directly involved in community affairs. Our focus in these them is;

  • Self-help group formation and economic activation
  • Empowerment of community
  • Creation of the situation of “one for all and all for one”
  • Creating the feeling of every person is equally supreme in community
  • Support to the community for the participatory planning , implementation and monitoring the community development action
  • Support to the community for the creation of community dialogue forum for community issues
  • Support for overall community development process

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