Ongoing Projects


Assignment 1:

Assignment Name:Social Mobilization Services, Package-3 (Salyan District of Adaptation for Smallholders in Hilly Area (ASHA))
Name of Client:Adaptation for Smallholders in Hilly Area (ASHA) Project Coordination Unit (PCU)
Value of the contract: NPR 21,154,391.00 (Nepalese Rupees Twenty-One Million One Three Hundred Fifty-Four Thousand Three Hundred Ninety-One Only)
Name of senior professional staff involved and functions performed: Mr. Bikash Gyawali
Duration of assignmentJuly 10, 2017 to July 2019
Number of Staff: 17
Narrative description of Project:Adaptation for Smallholder in Hilly Areas (ASHA) is designed and implemented by Government of Nepal, Ministry of Forests and Soil Conservation (MoFSC) with financial assistance from International Fund for Agriculture Development (IFAD) with objectives of improving the livelihood and resilience of smallholders in hilly areas of Nepal by developing capacity to tackle the consequences of climate change. ASHA Project has procured services for consulting Services for social mobilization in Salyan district.
The main objective of this assignment is to ensure inclusive participation in project intervention; preparing enhanced LAPAs including participatory scenario development (PSD) and sub-watershed-based approach, and implementation and monitoring of local climate adaptation priorities. The SP is going to facilitate to generate financial leverages from governmental and non-governmental agencies in implementation of LAPA activities. Based on the project log frame and project implementation manual, it has been also expected that the programme will contribute to develop and implement enhanced LAPAs, capacitate and empower target groups and institutionalize the impacts and achievements made by the project.
Description of actual services provided by our staff with in the assignment:Establish a rapport and raise awareness, conducting group meeting and home visit, empower, motivate, encourage climate vulnerable, play key role in addressing GESI issues, conducting awareness raising campaigns on CCA and GESI, insuring participation, group formation and/or strengthening, mobilize target groups, participation in planning, implementation and monitoring of adaptation actions, operate Community Knowledge Centers (CKCs), facilitate various consultative meetings/group discussions, assist and facilitate to target groups in need assessment, business plans preparation, field verification, regular monitoring and feedback, enhance capacity through coaching, mentoring, orientation and training, make a functional coordination, support to manage financial transaction records/accounts and other administrative tasks, prepare monthly work-plan and achievement report.

Assignment 2:

Assignment Name:Early Recovery and Integrated Education Support Program for the Earthquake Victims
Name of Client:MIRAL Welfare Foundation, Republic of Korea
Value of the contract: NRs. 19,475,178
Name of senior professional staff involved and functions performed: Mr. Bikash Gyawali
Duration of assignment1st August 2016 to 30th Sep 2018
Number of Staff: 7
Narrative description of Project:"Early Recovery and Integrated Education Support Program for the Earthquake Victims in Dolakha District" in Shree Buddha Bhimsen Secondary School of Bhimeshwor Municipality of Dolakha District.
The major aim of the project is to guarantee right of education, accessibility of drinking water and emotional support for the earthquake victims. Major objectives of the project are as follows:
• to save lives, alleviate suffering and maintain human dignity and in the aftermath of manmade crises and natural disasters, as well as to prevent the occurrence of such situations and prepare in advance to better cope with them when they occur.
• to promote greater engagement of the MWF and the CCFRY in the field of humanitarian assistance beyond the emergency response they have so far primarily focused on, and also helps participate and develop competencies in early recovery, disaster risk reduction and protection and assistance for the target beneficiaries.
• to reduce the vulnerabilities and strengthening of the target community through activities designed by the MWF.
Description of actual services provided by our staff with in the assignment:1. Construction of two story 8 room school building construction
2. Distribution of School Uniforms and bags
3. Formulation of Disaster Countermeasure Committee and Conducting trainings.
4. Construction of one 2500 litres underground water collecting tank has been completed. One powerful water pump has been installed in the collection tank. Two 1000 litres tank have been installed in the top of newly constructed building. It is maintaining the regular supply of pure drinking water among the school students and teachers.
5. Provided 50 sets of furniture to the School Management Committee:
6. Distribution of Stationary materials