Our Values And Approach

S.NOur ValuesOur approach
2TransparencyConflict Sensitivity
3IntegrityGender Sensitivity
4Mutual respectPartnership

The Strategic Aspect of the Organization: 

The provisions of organization for the promotion of good governance:


CCFRY, Rukum is an organization which is committed to the meaningful participation along with inclusiveness of socially, economically, culturally, and geographically deprived group, gender and communities. The organization advocates for an equal and meaningful participation and inclusion of all the stakeholders in each sector. In which the organization has encompassed the following strategies:

In which? 

  • Ensured of participation and inclusion in executive board,
  • Meaningful participation of excluded groups in decisive level of all programs and in inclusive executive board decisions
  • In the process of program implementation,
  • In advocacy for justifiable distribution of sources, to end social and economic beliefs against equality; in advocacy to end cultural norms and customs which are against well-being of people such as advocacy for equal wages to male and female; youth, dalit, janajati, adults and children’s rights etc.
  • In planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of the major programs of organization,
  • In management of human and economic sources,
  • In the direct proportional distribution of responsibilities and rights,
  • In delegation of rights along with leadership, representative, and meaningful participation in formation of policy of organization,
  • In selection of work area that consists deprived group
  • Selection of the communities which are at the lowest level in Human Development Index while planning and implementing programs,
  • Selection of work areas which are still not in the access to the developmental infrastructures
  • Identification of target beneficiaries on the basic of inclusive sentimentality.
  • Inclusiveness in staffs level,
  • Preparation of administrative policy and practical application of it,
  • Preparation of work policy that ensures the fair staffs selection process,
  • To manage equal representation of deprived group and castes in all levels of organization


  • By utilizing the existing organizational network and representing our organization in it,
  • By making a special group and process consisting of deprived and dominated people identified out while distributing them according to caste, sex and groups,
  • By motivating excluded and dominated groups in the societies,
  • Though facilitators


Transparency is considered as the backbone of organizational good governance. CCFRY also considers it as one of the important aspect of Good Governance ,so our organization has assimilated it. It is reflected in internal activities and in policy level. To develop and extend the areas of transparency our organization has been advocating on it and has been performing the tasks that enrich capacity of community people. 

In Which? 

  • Public audit is mandatory in all the activities run by our organization,
  • People have been informed on Public Auditing in the community level and the auditing process is highly prioritized
  • Maintaining transparency in any activity regarding policy level decision, staff hiring, program prioritization, program draft, monitoring in organization level 


  • An open distribution of organization’s membership and making democratic and meaningful decision in all the activities in common consent of all members,
  • By drafting, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating the programs in the direct participation of community people while setting different criteria to the activities done in community level,
  • By making community people directly involve and giving them leadership role in economic and other activities of the projects,
  • By increasing capacity of the community and advocating to community 


CCFRY, Rukum is a non-profit making organization, so this organization has taken its responsibility to bring forward the backward communities. In other words, the organization makes innovation to bring the backward communities into mainstream. The goal, objectives, and norms of our organization are fully dedicated to uplift the community people. Therefore, the organization, executive members and all the staffs, & activists are the deserving of the responsibility of both positive and negative results.

In Which?

  • In responsibility, obligation, rights, & duties
  • In processes to be completed,
  • In effects, affects, results (success, failure, betrayal, learning)


  • By distributing work according to rights, duty and scope of work,
  • By distributing work under no influence and being decentralized
  • Creating a mechanism of supervision within internal organization, from common people & consumers, and from other concerned bodies, and stakeholders.

Decision Process:

  • Making participatory group decision which is fruitful to the majority of people
  • Making participatory, equal and justifiable decisions without the misuse of post, power and rights,
  • Avoiding discriminatory and biased behaviors
  • Reducing slow work pace, discrimination and corruption
  • Distracting the tendency to transfer responsibility to others 

Concept of Right Oriented Development: 

In Right Oriented Development, ‘right’ denotes a kind of ‘human right’ in which each individual and all the people have right to participate, contribute and consume in economic, social, cultural & political developmental processes. Our organization has encompassed the concept that in this process the entire human rights and individual freedoms are totally ensured. The following principles of Right Oriented Development have been assimilated:

  • The concerned person(s) (or target group) of the developmental work are the center, owner, director, and beneficiary group.
  • The entire steps of any development process are guided by the worldwide Human Rights Principles.
  • All the steps of development process include all the aspects of Human Rights.
  • All the steps of development process must be related to the responsibility of any State toward its Human Rights. 


CCFRY is an organization which believes in coexistence of each other. Each task gets success when it is carried out in consent, coordination and unity of all the stakeholders, concerned bodies, and line agencies. Therefore, CCFRY has drafted a policy for the partnership with all the government and non-government organizations and associations, target groups, and all the concerned people to obtain goal, objectives of it.  

Gender Sensitivity:  

CCFRY is committed to the Gender Sensitivity. This organization ensures meaningful participation of women in executive board, staffs hiring & management, drafting of programs, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation including all systems and processes. The organization has been buzzing its sound against violence on women, touch ability, and other mal practices in the societies since its establishment. It has been contributing to create a civilized society by establishing other inhuman behaviors including sexual violence which is a dreadful sin. This organization has taken the policy of Zero Tolerance to sexual violence. 

Conflict Sensitivity:

The equality over the control and distribution of the means of production is a sole case of ‘Conflict’. Respecting this concept, CCFRY is much more careful and aware in the subject like ‘Conflict Sensitivity’. We have assimilated “Connector and Divider’s’ principles under “DO NO HARM”. The organization performs any task based on “Do NO Harm” principle along with in mutual understanding and cooperation avoiding any issue. We have facilitated to minimize and solve the conflict too.

Other Participatory Process and Exercises:

CCFRY has been continuously pacing ahead along with programs to enable poor, deprived and excluded groups of people and communities to grasp each opportunity of the state, and to make them aware, strengthen and motivate. The organization advocates and fights against the discrimination and biased behavior to the people in the community level to governmental and nongovernmental organizations. 

 Program Implementation Process: 

  • First priority in the capacity development of local, poor, and excluded community people,
  • Public auditing of all project activities,
  • Joint program planning and monitoring,
  • Coordination and partnership
  • Social mobilization and transformation
  • Utilize of local resources
  • Inclusive implementation, safe and effective development process

 Monitoring and Evaluation of Programs: 

CCFRY monitors and evaluates the ongoing programs through internal monitoring mechanism and making monitoring network of common people and consumers & district level and regional level stakeholders to obtain regular feedback, suggestions and supervision.

Sustainability of Program/Projects: 

Youths are found to have faith and belief on fact based scientific and progressive things. They fight against social malpractices and deeply rooted traditional beliefs of the people. This organization acronym CCFRY is of the youths, for the youths and by the youths. The project/program moves ahead in the direct involvement of youths informing and taking help of the entire stakeholders. It has developed rights oriented development concept to make the projects sustainable and to make community people aware and conscious about their rights and responsibilities. It works as a liaison office to establish a relation and contact between the target community people and governmental organizations. It has been facilitating the community people to obtain the facilities and amenities from the government offices. It also establishes relation with other organization which works in similar theme and in partnership works with them for sustainability of any project.

 Hiring of HR and Management: 

To admit required staffs in any vacant position in the organization, CCFRY follows all the steps and rules that have to be followed such as publication of vacancy announcement notice, written examination, interview etc.) In a transparent way along with focusing ethnic and gender inclusion.