Facilitation of training and workshops

Thematic Area of Intervention

Considering the current problem of our country , our organization CCFRY focuses on the most deprived and vulnerable population of Nepal. It is directed towards providing an access to shelter, food, drinking water, hygiene facilities and education in order to uplift their socio-economic condition and reducing the risk of deterioration of living standard of the people. One of the core areas of priorities is enlisted below;

Facilitation of training and workshops:

CCFRY engage in several types of training and development events. We trust that training is beyond teaching . It is about developing in oneself or others, any skills and knowledge that relate to specific goal like improving one’s capability, capacity, productivity and performance. Realizing the importance of training , CCFRY is engage in providing the following categories’ of training:

  • Social mobilization and economic activation
  • Conflict transformation, management, negotiation, medication and peace building
  • Micro level planning training
  • Grievance handling training
  • Varieties of skill training
  • PRA training
  • Livelihood improvement training
  • Leadership development training
  • Entrepreneurship development training
  • Training on good governance
  • Training on accounting and record keeping 
  • GESI training

Business planning training

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