Good Governance

Thematic Area of Intervention

Considering current problem of the country CCFRY focused on the most deprived and vulnerable population to provide access to shelters, food, drinking water and hygiene facilities and support to the education to uplift socio-economic conditions by reducing the risk of deterioration of livelihood status of the people. One of the core areas of priorities is enlisted below;

Good Governance

Governance which should be based on high morality and ethics is considered as most essential requirement for the developing countries. The drawback of the overall development of the country is known as mainly due to lack of participatory, consensus oriented, accountable, transparent, responsive, effective and efficient, equitable and inclusive governance system. Values of the good governance mainly transparency, accountability, ethical and moral values and practices, rule of law and order are being violated from the different stakeholders in the different level of the governance.

After successfully completing three levels of historical election, Nepal has entered into the federal, provincial and local level governance structure/system.  In this regard country has been practicing new governance system, due to the reason there would be lack clarity of the roles and responsibilities among the government authorities. Following the changes situation there would be the risk of violation of various rules, regulations and would widespread non-transparency and monopoly in the different level and structures.

To minimize the risk, organization would focus to promote good governance through various activities such as awareness raising, campaign, and advocacy, lobby and so on.  We hope that the activities which will be conducted and are being conducted will help the country and people to promote good governance. By promoting good governance in Nepal, we will be able to fulfill public needs, provide speedy and credible services, control bribery, irregularities and promote public confidence in the institutions, it is important to check corruption and impurity to promote the interests of underprivileged.

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