Objective Of CCFRY

The Main development objective of CCFRY is to contribute for the development initiatives of social discrimination and poverty reduction of the rural people of the country however, the specific objectives are:

  • Sustainable management and utilization of natural resources for the maximum use and benefit of the rural people of the country.
  • Empowering socially discriminated and economically marginalized people to create justice society, self-sufficiency and self-sustainability
  • Support for the easy access for disadvantaged and marginalized people over resources and services
  • Assist to conflict resolution at the local level
  • Capacity building of the rural people for several areas including livelihood and economic promotion initiatives through self-employment promotion.
  • Strongly support to the government, non-government and development organizations for good governance in terms of resource, use, planning and implementation in public affairs
  • Work on the adaptation, mitigation, risk and vulnerabilities reduction that caused by Climate change
  • Contribution in Food & Nutrition security and Livelihood and stability of them
  • Provide demand based Vocational Education to the target community including entrepreneurship skill for self-employment in different enterprises.
  • Support for Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) for target community
  • Our actions starts with Social Mobilization making people feel power within them and meaningful participation in social affairs
  • Capacity enhance of the Local governments through the support in Profile preparation and integrated development planning
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Governments and non-governmental projects
  • Conduct Research, studies and surveys of development projects, markets, natural resources and different products and services.
  • Assist community for sustainable development including social and economic rural infrastructures
  • Conduct advocacy in current issues
  • Develop working collaboration with wider range of partners