Sagar Gosai

Executive Director

Sagar Gosai is an Environmental Science student currently enrolled in Master's degree program in Khwopa College. He is working as Executive Director at CCFRY.  He has led different programs and projects under CCFRY. He is experienced in team work, team mobilization and handling day-to-day administrative activities of the organization. Before CCFRY, he volunteered in different activities for many organizations and has engaged as a Batch member in Paschim Paaila as well. He is also the present Secretory of Young Researcher’s Circle (YRC). He has experience in Environment, Climate Change, DRR and WASH sectors through engaging from Paschim Paaila and other NGOs.

He is seeking an opportunity to work in the field of Environmental Science and Social Service that will employ the use of knowledge and education concerning Environmental Studies. He has good interpersonal skill in communication, different computer software and working in the team in an organized and flexible manner.