Mr. Pustak Chand


Mr. Chand is a founder chairman of CCFRY Nepal. He intiated to establish this organization while he was his early young age mainly due to uplift the socio economic condition of the youths and disadvantaged communities of the remote and marginal areas of the country. Thus, with the support of few young people, he has initated to register this organization in 2067 at Rukum District, one of the higly marginal district of the country. Since then, he has been relentlessly contributing to fulful the objective of the organization through providing managerial support, guardianship, operational and functional activities and overall guidance to the organization.
Having extensive involvement in the organization as a founder chairman, he has diverse range of experience mainly in the project design and implementation, budgeting, reporting and proposal writting. Moreover, he has worked as a General Secretary of Local Peace Committee (LPC) under the Ministry of Peace and Reconstruction (MoPR), Team Leader in the Social Mobilization, Water Supply and Sanitation, Food Security and Nutrition programme. Furtheremore, he has a experience in infrastructure development sector vary from community-level, social mobilization to formulation of gender policy at a national level as well. His experience has enabled him familiarization with various modalities and approaches of development. Ms. Chand’s leadership role has led this organization to its current status.