Mr. Kedar Bhattarai

Development and Management Expert

Mr. Kedar P. Bhattarai has got over 30 years of global experience in developing and managing programs in  humanitarian, development and overall management spheres for various humanitarian agencies and NGOs,  bi-lateral and multi-lateral agencies including UNDP across Asia and Africa.  He is passionate about relief and development works – with expertise in disaster preparedness and risk  reduction, building resilience, and linking relief to rehabilitation and development (LRRD). He specializes in  results based management, monitoring and evaluation, strategic analysis and planning, gender and social  inclusion, and capacity building of people and organizations, alongside civil society strengthening and NGO management, and community driven development and local level governance. Mr. Bhattarai is also a highly effective and versatile trainer, facilitator, and coach. By profession, he has a Master's in NGO Leadership and Management/International and Intercultural Management from SIT, USA.